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4 ways to help your child deal with anxiety naturally

"Dr. Linda. Are there natural ways to help my child deal with her anxiety naturally?" Last week's blog talks about the causes of anxiety and how to recognize those symptoms in kids. If you have recognized symptoms of anxiety in your child, finding and dealing with...

Is my child overly anxious?

What is anxiety? Stress is when children are worried or uncomfortable about something. In small doses, stress can be helpful, such as the stress children feel when they learn to ride a bike or how to swim. Anxiety, on the other hand, is when these worries interfere...

Sibling Rivalry – Part Two

"Dr. Linda, James my 3-year-old was almost potty trained when I brought my new baby girl home. Now he won't even go near the potty! I'm so frustrated. What can I do? Is this sibling rivalry?   This is definitely your three-year-olds way of showing you that he's...

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