Why is Vitamin K For Newborns So Important?

At birth, most newborns have very low Vitamin K levels. These low levels can lead to serious, life-threatening bleeding in babies’ brains and intestinal tracts called Vitamin K Deficiency Bleeding. Bleeding in the brain can lead to long term disability or even death.

Vitamin K Deficiency Bleeding (VKDB):

There are 2 forms of VKDB:

Early VKDB which occurs the early, between birth and 2 weeks of age and late VKDB. This tends to occur in babies that are exclusively breastfed between 2-12 weeks of age.

Prevention of VKDB:

Early VKDB:

This can be prevented by giving Vitamin K either by mouth or through an injection.


Studies have shown that the late form of VKDB is not reliably prevented when one dose of Vitamin K is given by mouth because Vitamin K is not always well absorbed from the newborn’s intestinal tract. To ensure that babies get enough Vitamin K to prevent late Vitamin K Deficiency Bleeding hospitals now routinely give Vitamin K by injection in the muscle.

Does the Vitamin K Injection Cause Cancer?

Extensive reviews by many experts of the information and studies available do not show a relationship between Vitamin K injections and cancer.

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