The Holistic Pediatrician’s Guide to Raising a Healthy, Mindful Child

This is the ultimate eBook for parents striving to raise their child to be the best they can be.

In this book, you’ll learn what I mean by holistic health, the four pillars of holistic health, and easy steps you can take to immediately move toward better health for your whole family. I would love for you to use this eBook as a reference.

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My Top Ten Mommy Tips

These are reminders you can use on those days when life gets up around your ears and you wonder if you’re all alone. Or maybe you’re wondering if you’re doing a good enough job.

They’re meant to encourage you to be gentle with yourself, to give yourself a break, and to even cut loose and have some fun as you raise the beautiful baby that you brought into this world.

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Confidence Meditation for Moms

As a holistic pediatrician and a mom I was inspired to create this meditation for moms who are overwhelmed, have too much on their plates, and often question whether they’re doing the right thing for their children.

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