About Holistic Pediatrician Dr. Linda AbuJaber

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Holistic and Integrative Pediatrician

As a holistic and Integrative Pediatrician for over 30 years, Dr. Linda looks at the health and wellness of the whole child.

She is on a mission to supply parents everywhere with easy-to-use, evidence-based information, tips, and skills so they can confidently raise children who are thriving in the 4 essential areas of holistic health:  physical, mental, and emotional health and growing up in the fourth essential ingredient of holistic health:  a healthy, happy family.

Dr. Linda is American Board Certified in General Pediatrics, Pediatric Infectious Diseases, and Integrative and Holistic Medicine and also has the Jordanian Board in General Pediatrics.

In addition to practicing traditional Western medicine she is also trained in Nutrition and supplements, Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine, Pediatric Hypnosis, Reiki, Energy Medicine, Clinical Homeopathy, and Grief Recovery.

” I became a mom after I was Board certified in General Pediatrics from Emory University and was still not prepared for the day-to-day realities of being a new mom. My first-born refused to breastfeed, then developed a cow’s milk allergy, acid reflux, and colic and I developed what I later figured out was Post-Partum Depression.  I was in desperate need of help but could not find it. I kept searching for answers and found them in the various types of practices I later trained in because I never wanted any mother or father to feel as helpless as I had. I have been honored to be able to share my knowledge and experience with thousands of  children and their families over the years and I look forward to sharing with you too.”

My goal for this website, my books, and online programs is to empower you with the evidence-based, easy to use, relevant information tips and skills I have used in my own family and,  in my practice, that have empowered and supported thousands of parents to confidently raise healthy, happy, resilient children.

Raising our children, the next generation of people to take care of our world is the single most important job any of us will ever have. It is also the ONLY job for which none of us gets any training. This website will offer insights and education about parenting that you can tailor to your own specific needs: there is no one size fits all parenting style because there is not one specific type of family. Each child is unique and has his or her own strengths and challenges just as each parent is unique and has their own pattern of strengths and challenges. My aim is to offer tools that will allow you to parent from your specific strengths to your baby and child’s unique strengths and talents.

Listen to this live interview with Dr. Linda if you’d like to learn more about her mission and vision.

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