What is mindfulness?

Mindfulness is being completely present and aware in what you ae doing at the present moment.  It is bringing all your attention to what you are doing, saying , thinking or even feeling right at the moment that it is happening. For most of us, life goes by on autopilot and we get to the end of the day wondering where it went and what we did with our precious time. We had planned to spend more time with baby, with our significant other, with our Spiritual practice but somehow the day got away from us.

This brings us to the why of mindfulness?

You can look at it as a kind of Spiritual practice (which it is) but it is also a very practical tool for you to use to bond more powerfully with your baby, notice his/her wants and needs earlier on and then be able to act in thoughtful rather than knee jerk ways. In other words it empowers you to be more confident, more proactive rather than re-active, and more present for baby in the ways that baby really needs you to be.