Do you wake up in the morning feeling like you are already behind? Are you struggling to get your baby to breastfeed? Do you feel overwhelmed with all you need to know and do for your baby?

If you feel like this know that you can do something about it, you are not alone, and, more importantly you are not helpless. There is a free easy tool you can use anywhere to take control in any situation and make it calmer and more manageable.

That tool is your breath.

We all breath so automatically we forget the power that breathing has. We also have the tendency to hold our breath when we are stressed which actually increases our stress level.

Here is a really good way to do it:

1.When you notice that you are feeling overwhelmed decide that you are going to STOP and do something about it. This decision alone empowers you.

  1. Next take three deep breaths in through your nose to the count of 4 expanding your abdomen like a balloon, and then out through your mouth with a noise to the count of 8, making sure to empty out your abdomen.  When you make a sound as you breathe out through your mouth this releases the stress from your body as well as your mind ensuring that it is not being stored up for later. Repetitive and stored stress causes so many of the diseases that are  devastating our children and our societies today, diseases like diabetes, high blood pressure, autoimmune diseases and even cancer.
  2. Once you are calmer you are naturally better able to  be proactive, to act in thoughtful ways with your baby, doing just what needs to be done in the way that best serves both baby and you.

To really get the most out of mindful breathing  I recommend that you schedule three breathing breaks a day. Set your phone alarm and practice breathing mindfully for a few moments no matter what is going on. You can even do this while you are on the phone with somebody! This will help you make breathing deeply a habit that you can use whenever you need it to help baby calm down and relax and to help you feel great as you do all that you do every day.