Make mealtimes a calm relaxing time. No loud music that can interfere with conversation. Never eat in front of the television, you do not pay attention to the food and so will not notice when you feel full. If you do not stop eating when your body tells you it is full you will all end up eating more than you need and so risk overweight. You also will lose a valuable time to interact with each other as a family.

Practice gratitude at every meal. You may say grace, you may think about and thank everybody and everything in your meal. Think about how many people were involved in getting the food to your table, including yourself, and thank them. It reminds all of you to remain grateful and makes for lively horizon broadening conversations during meals. It is so interesting to figure out where things came from, what they needed to grow, the types of people who were involved in growing them, how they get harvested, the list is very long. Add in the sun, the wind and the clouds(rain), you are really on to something. You have sparked your children’s interest,, which leads to learning at its best, you are teaching them that they belong to a much larger web of people than they ever dreamed, AND you are all practicing gratitude, one of the highest forms of energy .