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Your Whole Approach for Physical, Mental & Emotional Wellbeing

 AskDrLinda.com is dedicated to giving you:
* Up to date reliable holistic health and wellness information for your family’s optimal health.
* Easy to use tips to make parenting less scary and more fun.
* Simple, time friendly tools you can use to be the confident parent you want to be and to take  your parenting to the next level.


A Little About Dr. Linda

With more than 30 years of experience as an Integrative Pediatrician and 24 as a working mom, Dr. Linda learned the hard way how to find natural and holistic solutions for herself, her family and her patients. She’s done the work so you don’t have to.

AskDrLinda.com is your trusted and loving resource for all things needed to raise healthy, confident, thriving children while being the best most confident and empowered version of you.

Thriving Babies and Children

Overwhelmed by all you need to know as you raise your child?

In this section you will find easy to use information, tips and tools you can use to track your child’s growth, development and behavior giving you confidence and peace of mind as you parent.

To learn more go to my thriving children blog.

Thriving Parents

Too much stress and not enough time?

Happy healthy parents raise happy healthy babies and children. In this section you will find quick and simple tips and techniques to master stress, form new habits and to be the best you for your family.

To learn more go to my thriving parents blog.


Everyday Solutions. Breastfeeding challenges? Sleep interrupted? Colic? Ear infection? Upset tummy?Food Intolerance? Temper Tantrums?

 Ask Dr. Linda is your resource for holistic ways to deal with everyday challenges from a woman who’s been through it all … just like you!

To learn more go to my everyday solutions blog.


“Even nurses don’t always know what is best for their children’s health and need the best guidance from trusted experts. That expert is Dr. Linda.” Pat, R.N.

I am an experienced mom of 4, and was having colic issues with number 4 at 2 months old. I felt so overwhelmed and frustrated and didn’t know where to turn. I went to AskDrLinda.com for help and found the help I was looking for and within 1 day he has been sleeping every night without screaming! Thank you AskDrLinda

“Dr. Linda listens like no other, cares about your child like one of her own, and stays by your side.”

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